The Conservancy is on a roll! Join us... get involved in the projects described below and do some good for the beautiful Creek that runs through the heart of Annapolis... and have a good time too.

Blackwall Hitch Restaurant (formerly Rockfish) Parking Lot Stormwater Retrofit

Blackwall Hitch Site: Another project by the Spa Creek Conservancy
to reduce and treat stormwater runoff before it reaches Spa Creek

You saw the improvements as they were underway at the restaurant parking lot on 6th Street, across from the elementary school. Did you know that this project includes:

  • Several pervious concrete areas – in several places, following the natural geology of the property -- where the runoff historically flows
  • Bioretention areas (rain gardens) – to capture, treat and allow infiltration of stormwater before it reaches the storm drain and then flows right into Spa Creek
  • Conservation landscaping – removal of raised beds containing non-native, unhealthy trees and shrubs and replacement with native trees, shrubs and perennials at ground level. This will attract wildlife, reduce water usage, beautify the property and the neighborhood.

The Spa Creek Conservancy, in partnership with the owners of the former restaurant, obtained a 2010 Trust Fund grant from the State of Maryland to make these improvements that are treating and capturing stormwater, reducing pollution in Spa Creek. Many years in the making, the project is finished and already benefitting the health of Spa Creek as tt runs through the heart of Annapolis.
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the problem

Become Part of the Solution — Join the Spa Creek Stewardship Program
     for businesses and organizations
     in the Spa Creek Watershed

Spa Creek Conservancy Stewardship Program

steward award plateThere are many proven techniques and technologies that can be implemented to slow down and stop stormwater pollution of Spa Creek.  By joining the Spa Creek Stewardship Program, businesses and organizations will be able to dramatically and positively influence the water quality of Spa Creek and ultimately the Chesapeake Bay. The program kicked off in 2009.. Read more

Blackwall Hitch/Rockfish Restaurant Parking Lot

rockfish under constructionThe Conservancy was awarded a grant to design a stormwater retrofit for the restaurant's large parking lot. The porous concrete, rain gardens, air conditioning condensate collection, rain barrels, and other features are leading us to a cleaner Spa Creek. After a long wait for permits and other paperwork, the project is complete!

Oyster Harbor Community Planting

This is outside of the Spa Creek watershed, but important to the Bay.

Project: Construct a major Bioretention Cell/Swale – Rain Garden system. Phase 1 of
multiple phases to restore wetland area and mitigate storm water runoff issues
destroying Fishing Creek, which opens into the Bay at mouth of South River – Thomas Point Park.

For more info: Contact Kim 410 280 0434, Norm 410 268 7911, or Mel 410 271 5546.

St. Anne's Church

The Conservancy worked with St. Anne's to obtain award of a grant to construct several features for stormwater retrofit for the Parish House on Duke of Gloucester Street. Read more.

St. Martin's Evangelical Lutheran Church and School

The Conservancy was awarded a grant to design stormwater retrofit of the church property. We, volunteers, and church members installed several stormwater features and 25 trees and over 200 plants.


St. Mary's Church

The Conservancy and church members planted eight rain gardens to treat the stormwater runoff from the church parking lot. The project won the top environmental award from Anne Arundel County in 2009. Read more.

Oyster Gardening Project

The purpose of this program is for waterfront residents and businesses to grow spat for one year and then plant them in sanctuary sites where the oysters enrich the local ecology. Read more